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Palace for sale in Paris, France, buildings in the seventeenth century, an ancient heritage for those interested in buying rarities and artifacts, on

an area of ​​​​275,000 square meters
A palace was built

on an area of ​​2,250 square meters.

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Paris the city of passion and the believer of “egalite. liberte, fraternite is only 45 minutes away. the land stretches half way between Paris and Deauville. An area of calmness and natural looks where industrial chimneys are polluting the skies far, far away. It is the passion that drives you there away from city life, away from tall buildings and away from cars and trucks it is guaranteed to serve your existence a couple of years more.

The Treasures

“Priceless” is a word that is used only in arts, an artist lives only once in a lifetime and his work lasts for centuries. Owning an artists work is really priceless where you cannot find the passion the style and the outcome in any other place or time. “The Château” has different sculptures placed in the garden which makes it truly a priceless place. The paintings above the doors give the interiors a colorful live experience complementing the overall looks and design. Most of the arts and sculptures are done by the artist Nicolas Poussin in the 17th century who commenced his work with the Château while the reorganizational processes were taking place.

The Garden

The front garden measures more than 49,500 square meters with an architectural front lake beside the main entrance and hundreds of flowers, plants and trees that cover the area and give the touch and smell of natural beauty that matches the iconic beauty of the “Chateau” from the Olitside.

The Forest

With the major area and the gardens serving their purpose the rest of the land which is around 225.000 square meters is covered with trees of different species and paths between them that takes your breath away and makes you experience the 17th century land that was away from concrete and combustions that ruin the natural looks of Gods creations.

Le Chateau Denoyer

Built on a land of 275,000 square meters, the construction started at the end of the 16th century and ended by the beginning of the 17th century. The desire to build this beautiful “Chateau” came about due to the religious movements that were heavily conducted at that time by the Sublet Family whom were one of the major players and the first owners of the “Chateau”. The eldest son of the Sublet” family married someone from the “Noyers” family and due to several reasons the “Château” became known as “Le Château de Noyers”. The “Château” witnessed so many phases and re-organizational processes that brought to us the final look that we see nowadays. After the changes that came about mainly in Luis XIV rein, it made the Château resemble in architectural design the “Château Neuf de Saint Jermain en Laye”. That was built in the rein of Henri IV

The “Chateau” is not only a piece of art from the exterior views but the interiors give the touch of the 17th century masterpieces that are rarely found nowadays. More than 80 rooms available out of which half of them facing the entrance garden and the other half facing the forest that is a part of its land. It also contains a stable for the horses and a warehouse with workers room some of which are outside the main building. The main building is 2,250 square meters in area containing an electrical generator room and huge water tanks able to last for years serving the gardens and the Chateau’s use.


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